Credit: EWUB

On 25 and 27 April 2019, East-West United Bank will organise financial literacy workshops for children aged 7-13 years old, taking place at Villa Foch and Kalinka Russian School Luxembourg.

EastWest United Bank (EWUB) has supported the initiatives of financial education and is now launching a series of its own workshops to teach children from an early age about management of personal finance, as well as risks and opportunities linked to money.

On 25 April, at the historic Villa Foch that serves as a head office of EWUB, children will learn in a playful way about money, financial security, and investments. On 27 April, a second workshop will be held in the Kalinka Russian School, sponsored by the bank: pupils will be able to enjoy educational games and tasks in the form of a play during their classes.

Since EWUB is a private bank engaged in asset management, the focus in its workshops will be on topics that the bank knows well: investment, the possibilities of saving and increasing money, as well as the risks and responsibilities linked to investment. Another important topic will be financial security: how to recognise fraudsters and what rules to follow in everyday life to secure savings.

The programme is designed for children of different age groups and will be presented in English, French and Russian. Senior employees of the bank will conduct the workshops and all participants will receive EWUB Junior Banker certificates.

During the workshop at the bank’s premises, parents will also have a chance to visit the interiors of the renovated villa that is usually closed to the public.

Registration is open on the website