On Thursday 16 November 2023, Film Fund Luxembourg and Screen Ireland announced the four selected projects of the Luxembourg - Ireland Co-Development Scheme.

The Fund, reintroduced during this year's Cannes Film Festival, seeks to enhance the visibility of female and non-binary filmmakers across the screen industry in both Luxembourg and Ireland. In the 2023 cycle of the initiative, submissions were sought for projects that actively involve new, emerging and underrepresented voices.

A selection committee, comprising representatives from Film Fund Luxembourg and Screen Ireland, evaluated the four projects submitted. The approved projects were:

  • Come and Be A Winner (feature film) - Luxembourg support: €10,035 - Irish support €9,885 - Luxembourg Production Company: Deal Productions - Irish Production Company: Keeper Pictures Limited – writer: Siofra O'Meara – producers: Alexandra Hoesdorff, Evan Horan
  • First Day (TV drama) - Luxembourg support: €16,600 - Irish support: €16,600 - Luxembourg Production Company: Deal Productions - Irish Production Company: Zanzibar Films – writer & director: Gintare Parulyte – producers: Alexandra Hoesdorff, Edwina Forkin
  • Maya Butterfly (feature film) - Luxembourg support: €16,600 - Irish support: €16,600 -Luxembourg Production Company: Samsa Film - Irish Production Company: Hail Mary Pictures – writer & director: Edwina Casey – producers: Bernard Michaux, Rich Bolger, Conor Barry
  • Quest For Love (feature film) - Luxembourg support: €16,600 - Irish support: €16,600 - Luxembourg Production Company: Les Films Fauves - Irish Production Company: Wild Atlantic Pictures/Brightside Pictures – writer & director: Antonia Campbell-Hughes – producers: Gilles Chanial, Macdara Kelleher, John Keville