Credit: Pixabay

The Luxembourg-Portugal Co-development Fund for Audiovisual Projects has awarded €100,000 in funding for two new film projects.

In 2021, Film Fund Luxembourg and the Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual (ICA) of Portugal created the Luxembourg-Portugal Co-development Fund for Audiovisual Projects to encourage co-production between producers from both countries and strengthen creative exchanges between Luxembourg and Portuguese film professionals.

Following a second joint call for projects launched at the end of 2022, the two bodies announced, on Thursday 1 March 2023, their decision to support two co-productions through development aid for a total of €100,000, namely:

Desassossego / Restlessness (fiction series) – co-directors: Joana Rocha de Bastos Rodrigues and Frederico Mascarenhas Serra de Sousa Cerejeiro – writers: Joana Rocha de Bastos Rodrigues, Martina Rupp, Nuno Soler Rodrigues, David França Mendes, Dominique Santana, Fábio Godinho – production: Iris Productions (LU) and Take it easy (PT) – funding: €20,000 (Film Fund Luxembourg) and €30,000 ( ICA)

- Fear of the Unknown (feature film) – writer-director: Edgar Pêra – production: Wady Films (LU) and Bando À Parte (PT) –  funding: €25,000 (Film Fund Luxembourg) and €25,000 (ICA).