Agricultural Fair 2024; Credit:

On Friday 5 July 2024, paid a visit to the Agricultural Fair in Ettelbruck - which was first held in 1881, but this year is the 41st edition in its current format - on the first of its three days, during which time it expects to see around 45,000 visitors pass through the turnstiles.

Located in and around the Deich exhibition centre, it is close to the centre of Ettelbruck town centre; it has no less than five main entrances, with various car parks signposted on approaching the rural town.

The event showcases the country's agricultural sector and has around 300 exhibitors, some located indoors and others outdoors; the exhibitors ranged from farmers and foresters, to horticulturists and businesses involved in agro- and bio-technology, as well as a number of administrations.

Many had machinery, equipment and tools on display, with others having livestock (cattle, sheep, hens, horses, highland cattle, goats, chickens, donkeys and rabbits, etc.).

While the majority of the stands were of local (Luxembourgish) brands such as Luxlait, Cactus, Bernard-Massard and Naturata, there were also some much smaller producers there too, as well as international brands such as TotalEnergies, stands offering Swiss cheese and meats, etc.

This being a school day, there were many children in attendance (with their teachers) with many stands, including fairground stands as well as stalls and activities and workshops for them, not just for adults: it very much projected a family vibe; and with beer and crémant tents, as well as barbecues / grills, plus ice cream and waffle stands for young and old alike, the "country fair" atmosphere certainly made it feel like one was far from Luxembourg city, Luxembourg-Kirchberg and the financial services sector.

The local produce market was held indoors, with stands offering numerous distilled delights, as well as crémants and wines, colas and beers, also foods from locally-made pasta to honeys, jams, cheese (including goats cheese), mustards, oils and bakery items.

There were activities including learning how to milk a cow, games with blocks made out of local wood, etc.

The show rings were there for livestock competitions, equestrian shows, etc.

The various exhibition stands also offered clothing, including farm apparel - furniture restoration, animal nutrition, as well as as taxidermy (for educating children on local nature) and much more.

And apart from the outdoor barbecues / grills, there were also indoor restaurants.