U.S. Ambassador Randy Evans and Embassy Staff observe a moment of silence; Credit: U.S. Embassy Luxembourg

The U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg gathered on Thursday for a moment of silence in honour of His Royal Highness the late Grand Duke Jean.

The Embassy Staff and U.S. Ambassador Randy Evans came together for a moment of silence under the U.S. flag flown at half-mast, honouring His Royal Highness Grand Duke Jean and joining the people of Luxembourg in this period of national mourning.

On this occasion, Ambassador Evans said: “Grand Duke Jean was one of those leaders who did not just simply accept a position of leadership, influence and power as a given. When the time came and when his country was in danger, he suited up, he went into battle, he faced the odds, he faced the risk of death. He came back, he led a country back to the point where it could be among the leading countries of the world.” 

The ambassador concluded: "We take this moment as a moment of silence to honour his wonderful contributions -- not just for his country and not just for Europe but for the entire world.”