On Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 May 2019, Vodafone Luxembourg will be hosting 145 female secondary school students at a series of STEM-related learning events.

For the second consecutive year, Vodafone and the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the international organisation "greenlight for girls", have invited girls from several different secondary schools in Luxembourg to join these learning events. Each day, 70 girls aged 11-15 will learn science and technology subjects in inspiring ways and connect to role-model leaders and companies so they can aspire towards potential future careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and thus close the gender gap in these professions. 

Princess Tessy de Nassau, in her role as a UNAIDS Global Advocate for Young Women and Adolescent Girls, will attend the event on 22 May. After welcoming the girls, she will lead a biology workshop, teaching them all the secrets behind DNA.

Melissa Rancourt, founder and Board President of greenlight for girls, explained, “Through our work world-wide, we find that these hands-on learning events and the introduction to role models, such as Princess Tessy de Nassau and the team in Vodafone, are the key elements to changing these girls' perceptions of STEM."

Tessy de Nassau added that: “despite the fact that women in STEM have a long tradition we need more young girls in STEM, as STEM is vital for the career and job opportunities of the future. The world is changing fast, and we need girls to be ready for the world of tomorrow”.

After customising their own labcoats, the girls will take part in a series of interactive courses led by inspirational speakers such as Princess Tessy and Melissa Rancourt themselves. In small groups, the participants will then have the opportunity to discover all the secrets of coding, dive into procurement or learn everything there is to know about cybersecurity. Throughout the day, they will benefit from mentoring sessions, interacting with the 25 volunteers and STEM role-models present each day.