Credit: NWTC

The Luxembourg-based New World Theatre Club (NWTC) has announced its upcoming show, Immaculate by Oliver Lansley with three evening performances on Thursday 30 November, Friday 1, Saturday 2 December and Sunday 3 December 2023 at Cessange cultural centre.

Produced by the New World Theatre Club, directed by Clare Williams, Immaculate by Oliver Lansley is a contemporary play with feminist themes, featuring a "mildly biblical" narrative set in the protagonist's living room over the course of an afternoon. Mia, the central character, is surprised by the appearance of a positive pregnancy test, leading to bewilderment as she has not been sexually active since her breakup with ex-boyfriend Michael over nine months ago.

As Mia contemplates the situation, the Archangel Gabriel unexpectedly arrives at her door, initiating a series of one-liners and introspective interactions among the characters, all revolving around the central question of paternity.

The producers highlighted that enthusiasts of shows like Fleabag or films such as Le Prénom are likely to appreciate Immaculate. Note that the play incorporates heavy use of adult language and delves into topics such as sex work, consent and religion. The production is recommended for audiences aged fourteen and over.

Ticket prices are set at €20 for adults and €10 for students, and can be reserved via email: