To celebrate Luxembourg's National Day, “Sources Rosport” has announced the launch of a limited edition of its “Rosport Classic”, “Rosport Blue” and “Rosport Viva” one-litre returnable glass bottles.  

For this third special edition, the Luxembourg company collaborated with illustrator Ruth Lorang, who created unique labels in the colours of each of the products. The idea behind this initiative is to offer a limited edition each year, highlighted by a Luxembourg artist, to celebrate Luxembourg’s National Day. 

A collaboration with artists from Luxembourg 

Two years ago, “Sources Rosport” launched a limited edition of its naturally sparkling mineral water, “Rosport Blue”. This edition was created by Lisa Junius, whose blue world was a perfect match for this product. The many positive responses encouraged the management of “Sources Rosport” to make this an annual edition.  

Last year, Liz Kummer, a Luxembourg illustrator who specialises in creating unique visual universes for everyday consumer products, was chosen for the project. Her artistic interpretation of the collective celebration around the fireworks display on 22 June charmed the “Sources Rosport” team. 

This year, it was a young designer from Luxembourg, Ruth Lorang, who contacted the brand to suggest her style. Since her studies in visual, plastic and spatial arts, with a specialisation in interior architecture, she has nurtured the dream of creating her own multidisciplinary design studio. That dream came true just over a year ago, and today she offers design services covering a wide range of fields, from space design to furniture and illustration. Her approach, marked by a particular attention to respect for people and nature, as well as a touch of colour and playfulness, appealed to ‘Sources Rosport’. 

The labels were designed as part of a collaborative creative process. The choice of depicting Luxembourg’s National Day quickly turned to the Melusina, a subject dear to Ruth Lorang's heart. This feminine subject represents both Luxembourg and the theme of water, so it quickly won unanimous approval.  

Her style, a collage of illustrations, aims to visually convey sensations of texture, something tangible and human. Narratively, the Melusina observes the bank holidays from afar and celebrates it alone, a poetic and moving side characteristic of Ruth Lorang. 

The choice of returnable glass bottle 

The choice of bottle for this limited edition naturally fell on the returnable glass bottle, which meets all the criteria in terms of both quality and ecology. Made from over 70% recycled glass, they can be filled up to 50 times and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle.  

By choosing not to export its products, “Sources Rosport” ensures a very short distribution circuit, keeping environmental impact to a strict minimum.  

"Sources Rosport” confirmed that the Ruth Lorang labelled National Day 2024 edition is strictly limited and is likely to run out quickly. They are already available in many shops, Drink Shops and drinks outlets.