Credit: Rob Maccoll

The Australian acrobatic troupe Gravity & Other Myths will perform at CAPE Ettelbruck on Wednesday 8 May at 20:00, with its high-flying show, Backbone.

There are human pyramids, swings and acrobatics on the programme - on the ground and in the air, all for two, four or even six people. This company “defies the laws of gravity” with commitment and inventiveness.

Ten acrobats and two musicians will highlight the beauty of human relationships with finesse and agility on the CAPE stage. Their bodies transform in movement and contort in unexpected ways. Fans of adrenaline rushes will enjoy these acrobatic figures, but Backbone goes beyond a simple demonstration of stunts. This show offers a reflection on human strength, both on an individual and collective scale, revealing an emotional depth where trust in others, danger, effort and solidarity combine. According to the organisers, this show is an ode to human authenticity which everyone can identify.

Coming from Australia, the company Gravity & Other Myths (GOM) was created in 2009, founded by a group of young circus enthusiasts. Over the years, these artists have formed strong bonds that make them consider each other a “real family”. This deep complicity translates on stage into incredible synchronisation, constantly pushing the limits of circus art. The troupe debuted with the show Freefall at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and subsequently gained international recognition with their second creation, A Simple Space. Today, they return with their new production, Backbone.

Tickets cost €31, €15,50 (youth) or €1,50 (Kulturpass).
More information and ticket reservations are available at the following website: