Rhythm of the Dance; Credit: Wim Lanser

The Trifolion in Echternach will host a Rhythm of the Dance Christmas Special on Friday 15 December 2023 at 20:00.

The National Dance Company of Ireland, which has been presenting "Rhythm of the Dance" on the stages of the world for over two decades, has won a loyal fan base with several guest performances. Now the 22 dancers and their multi-member band are looking forward to being back on the Trifolion stage with their new Christmas show on 15 December 2023. The Irish Christmas Special last year was cheered on by the enthusiastic audience here.

With a brand new Christmas production, the ensemble will be back in Echternach this December. The audience accompanies the actors on a festive journey and can be captivated by the very special magic of Christmas. This Christmas Special combines well-known, traditional, international Christmas songs with the unmistakable spirit of Irish dance.

With a unique mixture of folklore, dance and selected stage effects, the breath-taking dance show will convince the audience. Since its debut, Rhythm Of The Dance has reached over 4.5 million viewers and has been seen in more than 40 countries. The two-hour show combines the energy and passion of Irish and modern dance with beautiful, romantic dance scenes, mystical sounds with Irish rhythms and dancing precision with athletic excellence - in combination with an elaborate light show and imaginative costumes, it is an unforgettable experience.

Tickets (€55, €60, €65, €73) can be purchased in advance at the Trifolion Echternach, in all known advance booking offices, on the ticket hotline (tel: 4708951) and online at www.luxembourg-ticket.lu or www.kultopolis.com