TROIS C-L, the reference structure for contemporary dance in Luxembourg, has announced that it is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a performance at Banannefabrik in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie this evening from 19:00.

This performance will see choreographer Jennifer Gohier present "Project K", a choreographic exploration of the links between contemporary dance and martial arts. In duet, the dancers Ville Oinonen and Youri de Gussem explore a form of movement where these two universes become complementary.

João Costa Espinho will also present his work "Uivo", which is an experimentation of humans and their relation to others and the world. Uivo is a multi-disciplinary performance that proposes a journey from the individual to the collective where dances, songs and utopias are revealed.

The evening will also offer audiences a chance to explore Bohumil Kostohryz's photographic exhibition "Les scènes". For further information, visit

TROIS C-L: 25 Years

Mandated by the Ministry of Culture, TROIS C-L is responsible for managing the financial aid allocated each year to artists in Luxembourg. A recognised training centre, it offers professional dancers and choreographers a quality programme such as daily classes, masters classes and specific training. Concerned with its role in public awareness and mediation,  TROIS C-L is also a meeting place for 3 DU TROIS monthly evenings at the Bannanefabrik. For the public, this is a unique opportunity to discover the processes of dance creations from different angles and to interact with the invited artists.

In its 25 years of existence, TROIS C-L has become a dominant structure for the choreographic sector and live performance in Luxembourg. By pursuing its missions, in particular training or support for young creation, TROIS C-L plans to support the arrival of a new generation of young dancers by developing programmes to support their careers. The centre aims to build inclusive projects for the purpose of integration, pursuing the desire to open up contemporary dance in its most diverse forms to the widest audience.

In this context, many projects are emerging in the short- and medium-term, in the perspective of a more global plan that is embodied in the official creation of "DanzHaus Luxembourg", a real dance house modelled on what exists elsewhere in Europe. This is about recognising the work done for the professionalisation and the influence of this sector, but also to be able to put in place new, larger and more ambitious programmes to meet the needs of the stage and the public. Consequently, more adapted infrastructures have become essential to guarantee the development of contemporary dance and awareness on the Luxembourg territory. The work of TROIS C-L today requires space, resources and budgets appropriate to the needs of artists and audiences.