Winners (L-R): Alex Benoy; Volker Beba; Maja Gildhoff; Claude Schweitzer; Credit: Curling Luxembourg

Curling Club Luxembourg has announced that this year's Four Neighbour Nations Curling Clubs Cup winner is Curling Club Lëtzebuerg 2.

The Four Neighbour Nations Curling Clubs Cup 2022 took place at Kockelscheuer Ice Rink at the weekend. Two teams from Luxembourg competed against teams from France (Charleville-Mézières), Germany (Erfurt) and Belgium (Take-Out Tigers, Zemst), with Curling Club Lëtzebuerg 2 winning this year's title.

The five teams played round robin games (all-play-all), the results of which were as follows:

  1. Lëtzebuerg 2: three wins, one draw, seven points
  2. Charleville-Mézières: two wins, two losses, four points
  3. Lëtzebuerg 1: two wins, two losses, four points
  4. Zemst: one win, one draw, three points
  5. Erfurt: one win, two points

Gold final: After a Lëtzebuerg 2 lead of 4-1, Charleville-Mézières came back to a lead of 5-4, but the Luxembourg team made two points in the last end to win the 2022 Cup.

The winning team was composed of Alex Benoy, Volker Beba, Maja Gildhoff, Claude Schweitzer.