L-R: Carl Adalsteinsson; Ian De Toffoli; Nora Koenig; Andrea Primm; Sam Tanson, Minister of Cultur; Luc Schiltz; Roby Steinmetzer; Trixi Weis; Credit: MCULT

The Luxembourg Ministry of Culture today signed new agreements with seven federations and professional associations from the cultural sector.

On 8 July 2019, Minister of Culture Sam Tanson welcomed representatives of seven cultural federations and professional associations to the Ministry of Culture to sign new agreements. These associations were:

  • Actors.lu (represented by Luc Schiltz)
  • Luxembourg Association of Performing Arts Professionals ("Association luxembourgeoise des professionnels du spectacle vivant", ASPRO) (represented by Nora Koenig)
  • Association of Visual Artists of Luxembourg ("Association des artistes plasticiens du Luxembourg"; AAPL) (represented by Trixi Weis)
  • Luxembourg Federation of the Performing Arts ("Fédération luxembourgeoise des arts de la scène", "Theater Federatioun" or FLAS) (represented by Andrea Primm)
  • Luxembourg Federation of Authors and Composers ("Fédération luxembourgeoise des auteurs et compositeurs"; FLAC) (represented by Roby Steinmetzer)
  • Lëtzebuerger Bicherediteuren (represented by Ian De Toffoli)
  • Luxembourg Network of Regional Cultural Centres ("Réseau luxembourgeois des centres culturels régionaux") (represented by Carl Adalsteinsson)

The signing of these new agreements forms part of the overall strategy pursued by the Ministry of Culture, aimed at providing the cultural sector with the means to allow it to evolve in a professional context. This act is a decisive step towards the Ministry's objective of improving the framework conditions for artists in Luxembourg.

Culture Minister Sam Tanson commented: "It is the duty of a Ministry of Culture to do everything possible so that cultural creators can dedicate their working time to creation. In a professional context, the administrative tasks must fall on the directors, the creation to the creators". 

Through these agreements, the Ministry of Culture has entrusted several missions to the associations concerned, including the role of representative and spokesperson of the common interests of the different cultural domains to which they belong. The federations and professional associations will also provide information, training and development missions to their respective cultural sectors. The execution of these missions is linked to a financial participation of the State which will evolve from now on according to the progress of the rating of application of the sliding scale of wages. The maturity of an index tranche during the current budget year will therefore result in a corresponding adjustment in the State's financial contribution.

The drafting and signing of these new agreements has also been carried out within the framework of the implementation of the cultural development plan "Kulturentwécklungsplang 1.0" (KEP 1.0), particularly measure number 27 which aims to strengthen the structuring of federations, national networks, professional and sectoral associations.