Credit: Binsfeld

The Luxembourg Agency for Cultural Action and update24 have jointly launched the new events calendar Events in Luxembourg (EiL).

Events in Luxembourg is a new website, launched with the support of the Ministry of Culture, aimed at centralising and disseminating all the events taking place in the Grand Duchy. This new tool replaces Plurio and Agenda24 for the collection of events in Luxembourg.

Thanks to a simple user interface, EiL allows any organiser, institutional or private, to record its events manually or through a computer interface. The data recorded by the users are validated within 24 hours in order to guarantee a quality control. The national event database can then be viewed by users using a search engine on the site.

The events recorded on EiL are disseminated by an ever-increasing number of agendas both online and in print, such as Visit Luxembourg, the sites of ORTs (regional tourist offices) and magazines CITY and HEX. In fact, the pages dedicated to the events of, among others, RTL, Eldoradio, Luxemburger Wort, Luxemburg Times or Luxweb (Editus) already use the EiL. The service is free for users and accessible to everyone.

The Luxembourg Agency for Cultural Action is a non-profit association supported by the Ministry of Culture and the City of Luxembourg. The Agency helps coordinate and organise cultural life in Luxembourg. For its part, update24, a division of White Sneakers SA, specialises in providing services and products around the collection and dissemination of content for various media outlets.

The EiL site is now operational and accessible via and Events in Luxembourg thus complements, the communication vector of the Ministry of Culture for the cultural sector in Luxembourg.