IMS Luxembourg has announced the launch of Handi-Diag, a tool aimed at employers and facilitating the evaluation of best practices regarding the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace.

The tool was developed in partnership with the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy and the European Social Fund.

In March 2021, the European Commission adopted the Disability Rights Strategy 2021-2030 to improve the lives of people with disabilities, particularly regarding employment.

According to the European Commission, 51% of people with disabilities are in employment, compared to 75% of people without disabilities. In Luxembourg, "Work and employment" is one of the eight priorities in the 2019-2024 national plan on the rights of people with disabilities. Despite the progress made, people with disabilities still face obstacles in accessing and maintaining employment. On the other hand, companies reportedly lack information about including people with disabilities. Thus, the Handi-Diag tool was created to provide solutions for companies.

The tool, via about 50 questions, examines six key processes to determine its maturity index: recruitment and career; legal framework; accessibility of the working environment; employability; management and performance.

Once the assessment has been completed, the employer receives a report on their organisation. It includes strengths, areas for improvement and a comparison with the average of Luxembourg employers. Following this analysis, the tool proposes a selection of actions and resources adapted to the organisation's level of maturity. The objective is to set up an action plan.

During six thematic workshops, the tool was designed in collaboration with some fifteen public and private organisations in Luxembourg. According to the different levels of maturity, these workshops identified the good practices, actions and resources that will help employers improve the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The Handi-Diag tool is free of charge and has been available to all employers in Luxembourg since 21 March 2023. It is available in French and English. IMS has advised companies to repeat the assessment once a year. Handi-Diag is available at the following link: