Info-Handicap Luxembourg has launched a video campaign ahead of this year's International Day of Disabled Persons, being held on 3 December.

Celebrated worldwide every year since 1993, the United Nations-sanctioned International Day of Disabled Persons is a day of commemoration and action for disabled people. This year, Info-Handicap is organising the video campaign “Action! Our year, our life”. 2020 has been a special year so far amd has been largely overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, Info-Handicap had to rethink itself, from home office and Zoom meetings to new tasks.

Unable to organise a large in-person event this year, Info-Handicap launched a collaborative online video campaign lasting several weeks. Info-Handicap called on all people with and without disabilities to take part in this video campaign, which will be shown to the general public from 3 to 24 December 2020. The campaign presents a short and exciting insight into the lives of participants. 

The focus is on the life stories of people with a disability. In the video campaign “Action! Our Year, Our Life”, Info-Handicap asked participants to create two-minute videos, to show other people, from their own perspective, what special strengths and passions, challenges and experiences as well as important people and services are in their everyday life. Creativity was key, with participants able to take part through storytelling, an interview, a dance performance, a documentary or a sports event, to name but a few formats.

The implementation of this campaign was made possible by the active and committed participation of people with film experience. To make the campaign more accessible, the videos feature German sign language, an audio description and subtitles.

From 3 December, personal short videos will be released every day in the media, social media and on YouTube for three weeks, following the principle of an Advent calendar. To find out more and to register, visit