David and Marilyn Clark; Credit: British-Luxembourg Society

The British-Luxembourg Society has announced the appointment of David and Marilyn Clark as its first Honorary Members.

Louise Benjamin, President of the Society, commented: "Our immediate past President, David Clark, has been outstanding over the last three years, his passion has been integral to all the advances which the Society has made in recent times. He has distinguished himself as President to whom the Society can be forever grateful. He leaves the Society in a strong position to deepen and maintain the bonds of friendship between Luxembourg and the United Kingdom at a crucial moment in history. On behalf of the Council and Patrons we also wish to thank Marilyn Clark for welcoming us all into their home and hosting our lively and productive council meetings".

David Clark noted: "My wife and I are honoured to receive this unique membership. My tenure as President has been very rewarding and although I have stepped off the Council, I remain committed to supporting the Society. Thank you to all the members, sponsors, past and present Council and Patrons. I am delighted to leave the Council in the hands of such a competent and dedicated team headed by the new President Louise Benjamin".

David Clark held the position of President of the Luxembourg-British Society from 2018 to 2021. He is currently the Chair of the Oxford University Society for Luxembourg and is also a Member of the Luxembourg Society in the UK.