Œuvres paroissiales Käerjeng;

The Œuvres paroissiales Käerjeng, and in particular the members of the Handarbechtsatelier Par Kordall, raised €1,450 for the Stëmm vun der Strooss.

The proceeds came from the Käerjeng community Christmas market, during which the dedicated team of ladies led by Sonja Mack an Khanh Faten-Nguyen sold items crafted, knitted and sewn by children and adults from the community.

It is important to the members of the Handarbechtsatelier Par Kordall to support those who need help the most. To show how Stëmm works in everyday life, the ladies were invited to a guided tour of the Sanem site in the Woeller area on 19 February. There they learnt about the Caddy and Schweesdrëps workshops and the Immo-Stëmm department. 

After the traditional cheque presentation ceremony, the visit ended with a lunch in the association's canteen.