Amanda Roberts, publisher and owner of City Savvy Luxembourg (CSL) and LUX WMN magazine; Credit: Dominika Montonen-Koivisto

2022 was a busy year for LUX WMN with the official launch of its professional women's networking club (LUX WMN Club); recently sat down with Amanda Roberts, publisher and owner of City Savvy Luxembourg (CSL) and LUX WMN magazine, to learn more about LUX WMN's activities last year and its plans for this new year. What were some of the highlights for LUX WMN in 2022? What is LUX WMN's goal and how has it evolved since its creation in 2019?

Amanda Roberts: Launching LUX WMN Club was a long time in the making and it was pretty surreal to see it launch. The club launch event [in October 2022] was our first event back since COVID-19. We were thrilled to see such a great turnout filled with amazing women who are interested in supporting the LUX WMN community. We also hosted our first Entrepreneurship Workshop series in partnership with Spuerkeess [Banque et Caisse d'Épargne de l'État - BCEE] and with sponsorship from amazing organisations like Luxinnovation, Luther Law Firm and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. It has been a huge success and it's an initiative we will continue to develop.

LUX WMN's core activity is as a magazine and our goal is to amplify the voices of women in media whether through the storytelling of women or by featuring women as experts in their fields. Despite living in a world where women are only seen, heard and read in the media 25% of the time, we have been able to assemble a 100% female-produced magazine. As in the rest of the world, women are massively underrepresented in Luxembourg's media landscape and we are working hard to change that. Since we launched, we've published six issues (the seventh will be due out this spring) featuring more than 50 female different contributors! 

However, as we've said from the beginning, we aim to be more than just a magazine. We strive to create an impactful community of female and male business leaders and entrepreneurs who believe in creating a more equal society. Our magazine and club will continue to develop and focus not only on networking, but also on professional development, the sharing of knowledge and resources and activism. LUX WMN Club officially launched in October 2022. What has initial feedback been like? What can (potential) members expect this year in terms of benefits, events, etc.?

Amanda Roberts: The feedback to the club has been great; we are working hard everyday to make sure the club is the best it can be. There is so much to look forward to: think cocktail evenings, webinars, fun networking breakfasts and social events. LUX WMN Club is only at the start of its journey and we are so excited to tackle it in this upcoming year! What are your hopes for LUX WMN, your magazine readers and your club members in 2023?

Amanda Roberts: In 2023, we are really excited to continue growing and spreading the message about feminism, equality and diversity in Luxembourg, as well as beyond. This year, our focus is on developing the LUX WMN Club and, of course, creating brand new issues of LUX WMN that will once again be full of inspiring and motivational women who are achieving great things. After City Savvy Luxembourg and LUX WMN, do you currently plan to pursue any new endeavours or will you be focusing on current projects?

Amanda Roberts: This year, we will focus on making our current projects the best they can be. We will also be launching social media and copywriting services for small businesses, workshops for new arrivals and fun events for CSL MAG. We always have a lot of dreams and plans up our sleeves so I'm sure there will be other surprises throughout the year as well!