Sébastien Genco, Partner at Deloitte Luxembourg; Credit: Deloitte Luxembourg

Deloitte Luxembourg has announced that it is becoming a "corporate baker" on the Tezos blockchain network.

Created in 2018, Tezos is a decentralised, open-source blockchain. As a corporate baker on the network, Deloitte Luxembourg will be responsible for validating, securing and adding transactions (blocks) to the Tezos blockchain. This new position will allow Deloitte Luxembourg and Tezos to explore synergies in Web3-related topics, alongside other ecosystem stakeholders.

Deloitte Luxembourg recalled that many innovations that will transform businesses in the coming years centre around blockchain because of its efficiency and ability to support new models and generate new sources of revenue, as well as providing a secure and complete tracking of data flows.

Endowed with a blockchain centre of competence called Blockchain Institute, the Deloitte network has developed its expertise over the past ten years and supports more than 450 companies in creating innovative and tailor-made Web3 solutions to meet their technological and business needs. Since the creation of its blockchain division in 2015, Deloitte Luxembourg has provided initial training courses, strategic consulting and prototyping to several organisations.

The firm noted that by becoming a corporate baker, it is reinforcing its involvement in Tezos governance and protocol development, as well as guaranteeing the network's security and verifiability. The Tezos blockchain, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in June 2023, has undergone fourteen upgrades.

"We are happy to play an active role in such an ambitious initiative, which reinforces our collaboration with Tezos and reaffirms Deloitte's intention to be at the forefront of the blockchain revolution," commented Sébastien Genco, Partner at Deloitte Luxembourg.

"We are proud to count Deloitte Luxembourg among our corporate bakers. It's a great opportunity for the ecosystem to benefit from the expertise of one of the world class leaders in its field that has always made blockchain technology part of its experience and DNA," added Louis Chevalier, Adoption Manager Benelux at Nomadic Labs, one of the largest research and development centres in the Tezos ecosystem.