Elisabeth Schilling, Choreographer; Credit: (c) Stefio Cecchon

Kultur | lx - Arts Council Luxembourg has selected the projects of Elisabeth Schilling and Albena Petrovic for the Artist Publication and Documentation Grant.

The committee met in October 2022 to study the five applications received for this grant.

Elisabeth Schilling, Choreographer

In 2020, Elisabeth Schilling created the show “HEAR EYES MOVE. Dances with Ligeti”, a dialogue between dance and music. On the 100th anniversary of Ligeti's death in 2023, the show will resume its international broadcast. The choreographer wanted to accompany this tour with a publication that analyses her creative work from a scientific angle. The publication of the book is scheduled for the spring of 2023.

Statement of the selection committee

This publication will deepen the overall artistic approach of Elisabeth Schilling, detailing the relationship she develops between music and dance thanks to the expert analysis of the Prof Stephanie Schroedter. The publication will look as much at the creative process of the show "Hear Eyes Move" as at the future of Elisabeth Schilling's work on the perception of sound and movement.

Biography of the artist

Elisabeth Schilling creates dances beyond dance. With an international team and through various collaborations, she designs transdisciplinary projects between movement, design, visual and plastic arts and music, making the disciplines dance with each other. In this way, contemporary dance occurs in established dance spaces as well as unusual venues. Thus, the productions tour both in European metropolises and in more rural areas, in underground theatres, museums, galleries, concert halls, historic buildings and public spaces. Dance is thus, almost in passing, made accessible to a new audience. At the same time, an important part of his work consists of different creative learning formats. For each production, she develops a programme for different audiences, ranging from specially designed discussions with the audience after the performances to accompanying workshops, symposia and catalogues.

Albena Petrovic, Composer

The working title "MY OPERA WORLD / BEYOND THE NOTES" retraces the work of composer Albena Petrovic in the form of a retrospective and provides a detailed look at her creative process and the richness of her repertoire for opera.

The publication of the book is scheduled for fall 2023.

Statement of the selection committee

The very complete file presented by Albena Petrovic shows great relevance in view of the progress of her artistic career. The Selection Committee believes that this work will enable her to continue developing her career and will constitute a valuable tool for highlighting her operatic works.

Biography of the artist

Of Bulgarian origin, Albena Petrovic has her place among Luxembourg composers with more than six hundred works in different musical genres in her repertoire. Decided to start the piano at the age of ten, (too late for the educational system of Eastern Europe), Albena was already composing at the age of eleven (too early for this same system). A brilliant student, she never had any obstacles and mastered the know-how in all areas of music. Following the example of her grandfather, composer Andrey Vratchansky, she decided to become a professional composer. Albena created her first work in public in 1979 at the age of fourteen, for the International Assembly of Children. This event is followed by many concerts, which represent a real creative research laboratory and a source of motivation. After completing her general and musical studies at the National School of Music “P.Pipkov”, Albena continued her studies in composition, direction and musical writing at the National Academy of Music “Pancho Vladiguérov” in Sofia. She is a student of composition teachers Plamen Djouroff and Alexander Raychev. Albena holds the position of Musicologist and Music Manager for the International Festival “Apollonia”, and at the National Music Agency in Sofia. Like many musicians of the generation of the Berlin Wall, she was forced to go abroad to practice her profession as a pianist. Since 1996, Albena lives and works in Luxembourg. She perfected her skills in contemporary composition, analysis and computer music with Claude Lenners, adopting and developing a style strongly influenced by his "Cult of Research".

About the Artist Publication and Documentation Grant

In order to raise awareness among professionals and the public about the work of artists and to promote knowledge of different artistic practices, Kultur | lx supports the creation of artists' documentation works. The format chosen by the artist will be adapted to his practice and may take the form of a publication but also of a digital format. Culture | lx intends to promote the dissemination of these works to professionals and the public, whether during location scouting programs or on the Kultur | x. The works are not linked to an exhibition project or an event, but must be designed as a presentation of the artistic path and approach and include cooperation and contributions from other professionals (commission of texts, commission documentation visuals, ordering video formats, etc.). Priority will be given to artists who do not yet have such a tool for presenting their work.

Albena Petrovic, composer; credit: (c)-Kaupo Kikkas