During the Steel Prize Day in Luxembourg on Wednesday 20 October 2021, the winners of the 2021 Steel Construction Competition were announced. 

This competition is organised each year by Infosteel, alternately in Belgium and Luxembourg. Participation in this edition was open to any construction - except engineering structures and infrastructure projects - new or renovation, erected totally or partially in steel and carried out on Luxembourg soil between June 2019 and the end of May 2021.

The objective of the Steel Construction Competition was formulated in 1998 as follows: "To attract the attention of all parties interested in the construction process as well as the general public to projects with remarkable metal constructions". In this 22nd edition, 18 projects participated and 4 projects were nominated by the jury, including the winner, the special jury prize and the public prize.

WINNER of the 2021 STEEL CONSTRUCTION COMPETITION (Luxembourg): New Cargolux Headquarters, Sandweiler

For its 50 years of existence, CARGOLUX has moved into its brand new headquarters next to its maintenance hangar. The building consists of several metal structures: a multi-storey car park, a walkway-canteen, a simulator hall and a spectacular ring of offices overlooking the whole, generating large overhangs (40.5 m). "The jury salutes the project carried out for the needs of Cargolux, because it represents an example of a building that pushes steel in its technical performance, and allows engineers to fully express their talents, especially in the development of the solid steel ring".

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE: Cultural Castle, Chateau Koerich, Koerich

In the Valley of the Seven Castles, in Koerich, visitors, artists and audiences now benefit from the successful marriage between heritage conservation and the development of new functions. Walkways, platforms, ramps and stairs create a unique route. The procedure can be removed one day leaving a minimum of traces. Steel was therefore chosen for its light and recyclable side. It was used in various forms: in a tensile structure, bolted, welded, in metal mesh, in stainless steel net, in stainless steel cables and powder coated elements,… "The jury particularly appreciated the honest and finesse approach carried out by the architect with steel structure".

NOMINE: DSL Headquarters, Steinsel

A former warehouse has become the headquarters of the computer company DSL. The existing steel beam hall, which exhibited a high architectural quality, was preserved and repainted to enhance the load-bearing structure. The circular concept aimed to adapt the warehouse while preserving the raw character of the building.

NOMINE: Casa Ferrero - Ferrero World Headquarters, Niederanven

Casa Ferrero was also nominated by the jury and also won the Audience Award

The People's Choice Award

For several years, a Public Prize has been awarded during the Steel Construction Competition. For the 2021 edition in the Grand Duchy, the prize was awarded for the first time digitally and via social media. The online voting was a great success: more than 200 interested people viewed the project sheets and voted.

WINNER: Casa Ferrero - Ferrero World Headquarters, Niederanven

The Casa Ferrero (30,000 m2) consists of 2 blocks built on a common basement housing a parking lot and brings together more than 1,200 people previously scattered over 5 sites. Above ground, the two blocks are connected by a central atrium entirely covered by a glass roof of 800 m2. Horizontal circulation between the two blocks is via staggered walkways with a span of about 20 m. Vertical circulation is via panoramic glass lifts.