As reported by the Grand Ducal Police, Luxembourg and Belgium have signed agreements relating to a joint "cross-border alert plan".

On Tuesday 14 May 2024, representatives of the Grand Ducal Police, the Belgian Federal Police and the governors of the Belgian provinces of Luxembourg and Liège signed agreements for the Belgian-Luxembourg "Border Alert Plan" (Plan alerte frontière).

As part of cross-border police cooperation between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Belgian provinces of Liège and Luxembourg, the signed agreements aim to improve operational responsiveness, to guarantee a coordinated and effective response to emergencies that could arise along of the Belgian-Luxembourg border.

Concretely, the texts include a set of provisions aimed at coordinating Belgian and Luxembourg operational responses to major events, whatever their origin, which are likely to "seriously" disturb public order on one or both sides of the border, such as: events likely to threaten human lives or cause major harm to physical integrity (terrorist attack, robbery, aircraft or train accidents, etc.); events likely to compromise security or the free movement of people and goods (protests, blockades, etc.); events likely to harm the environment (CBRN type accident, natural disaster, technological risks, etc.).

The Grand Ducal Police added that the agreements make it possible to mobilise a concerted operational system between the teams on the ground at the Belgian-Luxembourg border in a shortened time frame.

They follow the agreements signed between the Grand Duchy and the Grand Est in France and will enter into force on 1 July 2024.