(L-R): Minister Taina Bofferding; Emile Eicher, Syvicol President; Credit: MINT

On Tuesday 31 January 2023, Luxembourg's Ministry of the Interior, together with the Syndicate of Luxembourg towns and municipalities (Syvicol), confirmed that the first stage of the reform of the municipal law has been completed: the new system for monitoring municipal management has become a reality.

On the eve of the entry into force of the new precepts of administrative supervision over municipalities and related entities, Luxembourg's Minister of the Interior and President of Syvicol held press conference to highlight the key elements that will provide a more modern, transparent and digital administrative process, in line with the leitmotiv "mateneen fir eng modern Gemeng". 

The reform strengthens the autonomy of the municipalities and allows the state to strengthen its role as a partner of the municipalities and no longer confine itself to the role of supervisor.

A little more than a month after the unanimous vote of the Chamber of Deputies, Minister Taina Bofferding and Emile Eicher recalled the main objectives of the new supervision of municipal management which is more efficient and more transparent, while pointing out its advantages: a reduction in the number of files to be submitted to state control, the introduction of real supervisory procedures, including strict deadlines for better legal certainty and, finally, the introduction of e-MINT, a platform for the exchange of electronic documents. These advances will lead to a simplification and acceleration of administrative procedures allowing municipalities, in particular, to benefit from a better administrative organisation.

The revision of the 1988 municipal law and its adaptation to modern times was a priority of the 2018-2023 coalition agreement. It was carried out through a participatory process involving not only the members of the municipal councils and committees of syndicates, but also municipal officials and citizens.

Minister Bofferding is convinced that this was the right method: "Everyone was able to contribute their ideas for improvement, and different points of view could be considered. The reform generates significant gains in administrative efficiency, both at local and state level. To achieve this result, it was necessary to listen to, understand and implement the needs expressed by all participants. For such a reform to be successful, I believe that the participatory process was vital."

Emile Eicher noted with satisfaction that the law takes into account, to a large extent, the proposals made by Syvicol and will contribute to municipal autonomy and administrative simplification. He added that the reform of the administrative supervision is only the first part of a more fundamental overhaul of the municipal law and underlined the availability of Syvicol to continue the work on the other parts of this reform.