On the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, held annually on 25 November, Luxembourg's Ministry of Equality betweens Women and Men recalled that domesic violence remains a daily reality in the Grand Duchy.

In 2020, the Grand Ducal Police responded to 943 incidents of domestic violence in Luxembourg - an increase of 94 cases, or 11%, compared to 2019.

Luxembourg's Minister of Equality between Women and Men, Taina Bofferding, has called on everyone to take responsibility in breaking the taboo surrounding the subject of domestic violence, as well as fighting against it and strengthening societal commitment to the elimination of all forms of violence against women, men, girls and boys.

On International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 2021, Minister Bofferding said that she was reassured by the range of activities that are taking place in Luxembourg as part of Orange Week against violence against women and girls.

She stressed that “the commitment of society must go beyond these days of activism to make the fight against gender-based violence a daily priority: let's orange the world for 365 days a year!"

Driven by the commitment that no one should suffer from domestic violence or sexual, verbal or physical attacks, the Equality Ministry has committed itself to putting forward a multidimensional approach at several levels: in addition to caring for victims and perpetrators of violence, the ministry often steps up its efforts to raise awareness among the general public.

Earlier this month, Luxembourg's Equality Minister, as well as the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Internal Security, presented the government strategy to better protect domestic violence victims in the Grand Duchy.

“Violence concerns us all, it is our common responsibility to fight to end it. I would like to congratulate our partners from civil society, the business world and the municipalities for their awareness, their respective initiatives and the many projects carried out in the fight against violence. A big thank you!", concluded Minister Bofferding

Some flagship projects carried out by the Equality Ministry in 2021 included: revamping the website www.violence.lu, a digital information platform for victims, perpetrators and witnesses of domestic violence; the "Tutenaktioun" together with the bakeries Fischer and Jos & Jean-Marie to raise awareness among the general public; the development of projects, such as a theatre project for the prevention of domestic violence (with the Ecole du Théâtre), the "Violentometer" (the questionnaire "relation2test" with the Fondation Maison de la Porte Ouverte) and the "E Schrëtt géint Gewalt" project (with Inter-Actions) aimed at educating and informing the general public; a prevention campaign against domestic violence aimed at perpetrators developed by the Riicht Eraus service of the Luxembourg Red Cross; cooperation with the Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch (CHEM) with a view to organising an awareness and training day on domestic violence.

The ministry noted in a press release that "it is only through such partnerships and collaborations with front-line people that direct access to victims of violence becomes possible and enables them to act at an early stage and to end the spirals of violence".