Luxembourg's Ministry of Health has issued a heatwave warning and guidelines of what to do, and what not to do, when Luxembourg experiences high temperature during the summer weeks and, in particular, in the first half of August when the forecast is for daytime temperatures to be above 30C on some days.

Precautions / Guidelines:

• Drink regularly and without waiting to be thirsty: minimum 1.5 litres per day, preferably mineral water or sparkling water - spring water (bottled or tap water) could possibly lack mineral salts. As a supplement, you can drink lightly sweetened drinks (juice diluted by half with water, slightly sweetened infusions). Limit as much as possible the consumption of coffee / tea, drinks too rich in sugars / caffeine which have diuretic effects.
• Limit your exposure to the sun, especially during the hottest hours: covering your head and using an adequate sunscreen is also asvised if you are exposed to the sun.
• Avoid strenuous physical exertion and sports activities during the hottest hours.
• Keep exterior doors and windows closed as long as the exterior temperature exceeds the interior temperature; lower the shutters / blinds on windows exposed to the sun; take advantage of the cooler temperatures of the evening, night or morning to ventilate your home.

If you know of a fragile person living alone - family, neighbour, etc. - try go and see them at least once a day during a strong heat wave to help them in particular to hydrate properly, and check that the heat does not affect their health.

For specific questions about health problems in hot weather, additional information can be requested from the Directorate of Health - Sanitary Inspection Division at tel: 247-85653 or see