Presentation to members of the Amis des Musées association of Even if it's not true, it's well found, a work by the artist David Bernstein. Evening organised at Casino Luxembourg on 10 January 2024; Credit: Les Amis des Musées

On Wednesday 10 January 2024, Les Amis des Musées d'Art et d'Histoire Luxembourg held the presentation of Even if it's not true, it's well found, a work by the artist David Bernstein, offered as a donation by the association to Casino Luxembourg – Contemporary art forum.

The artist, members of the Casino Luxembourg team, the board of directors of the Les Amis des Musées and around fifty members of the association were present on the occasion, according to the Contemporary Art Forum. Together, they discovered this work, a “mobile work of art” designed to be used permanently by the mediation team, both inside and outside Casino Luxembourg. This work aims to encourage artistic experimentation and make contemporary art accessible, even if a visit to Casino Luxembourg is not always possible.

Casino Luxembourg added that the Amis des Musées was involved in the creation of this work, supporting it with its annual donation. They thereby actively participated, alongside Casino Luxembourg, in the dissemination, mediation and accessibility of contemporary creation to audiences, while supporting the artistic work and production of a young artist.

This initiative is in line with previous actions of the Amis des Musées, who financially supported the production of Beautiful Steps #10 by the Lang/Baumann duo, in 2014. This permanent work, a white synthetic composite balcony, now sits at the heart of the north facade of the art centre Casino Luxembourg, overlooking Notre-Dame Street.

David Bernstein’s workshop is interactive, inviting participants to imagine a history around the sculptures, which will then be recounted to the following group. The various stories will be collected in a publication set to be released in 2024.