Visit of Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer (third from left), accompanied by Armand A Wagner (second one from the right), among others; Credit: Sculpture Gallery Armand A Wagner

Local antique dealer and art expert Armand A Wagner recently opened a temporary art gallery exclusively for sculptures in Luxembourg City (43 Grand Rue).

A seasoned entrepreneur from the Grand Duchy, Armand A Wagner has fulfilled his long-term wish of opening a pop-up gallery for sculptures in the heart of Luxembourg City.

Sculpture Gallery 66 by Armand A Wagner showcases the works of the following artists: Prof. Wolfgang Binding from Germany, Marc de Corte from Belgium, Lieven Demunter from Belgium and the late Luxembourgish artists Lucien Wercollier, Maggy Stein, Jean-Pierre Georg and Charles Kohl.

These academic works cater to a broad audience of art enthusiasts with varying budget expectations. Depending on the piece, they may be numbered originals, artist's copies or unique creations.

The new pop-up art gallery is open until 30 December 2023. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00.