What Water ASBL, a Luxembourg-based humanitarian organisation, has announced that it is launching its first exhibition in Carré des Artistes in Luxembourg-Hollerich from 1 to 5 December 2021; the exhibition is open everyday from 08:00 - 17:00.

This exhibition will bring together around 20 Luxembourg and Cameroonian artists who put their works on sale to support the association's sustainable development projects. There will be up to 50 pieces on display, all centred around the theme of "What water, one for all". Guests can browse the carefully curated collection throughout the day.

The exhibition will present the work of renowned artists such as Barthelemy Toguo (UNESCO Ambassador who will visit Luxembourg) and Luxembourgish artist Jean-Marie Biwer. There will also be the possiblity to sign up for memberships and corporate sponsorships. Sponsors have the opportunity to have water wells named after the corporation.

Describing the unique collection of art, Anna Druz, Public Relations of What Water, said: “What Water wants to ensure that our donors receive high quality investment opportunities. That’s why we have chosen internationally renowned artists such as Barthelemy Togo, who has recently been appointed UNESCO ambassador, and Jean-Marie Biwer, present on the Luxembourg art scene and abroad for 40 years. Additionally, What Water will give a selection of upcoming artists an opportunity to grow their careers”. 

What Water’s mission is to provide clean water to eight million people by 2030, in support of the United Nations (UN) and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More information can be found on What Water’s website: www.whatwater.org.