Luxembourg's Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development has confirmed that it has received a total of 153 requests for financial assistance following the recent bad weather and floods that hit the Grand Duchy on 14 and 15 July 2021.

Famers, wine growers and market gardeners who suffered damage were able to request assistance, with a deadline of today, 20 August 2021. These requests cover:
• 17 requests concerning damage to buildings
• 44 requests concerning material damage to agricultural machinery and equipment
• 629 bales of hay destroyed
• 134 requests concerning damaged crops, including meadows and pastures (723 ha); cereals (16 ha); corn (77 ha); vegetables (2.5 ha) and vines (2 ha).

The overall amount of damage to date is estimated at €1,650,000.

As the experts from the Administration of Technical Services for Agriculture and the Viti-vinicole Institute are still in the process of noting the damage in order to define the eligible costs, Minister Romain Schneider aims to be able to detail the extent of the damage as well as the terms and conditions of compensation on 13 September when he plans to address a press conference “Erntegespräche 2021: harvest report”. Minister Schneider will also see to improving, if necessary, aid relating to natural disasters in the new agrarian law which will be in force from 2023.