Luxembourg's Ministry of Home Affairs has shared a statement from Minister Léon Gloden concerning MEPs' approval of the EU Asylum and Migration Pact.

On Wednesday 10 April 2024, the European Parliament adopted ten legislative texts which will reform European migration and asylum policy. The new EU Asylum and Migration Pact is expected to notably accelerate the asylum process and make returns more effective, as well as improving the response to crisis situations.

Once formally approved by the Council, the laws will enter into force following their publication in the Official Journal. Final entry into force is planned for summer 2026.

In his statement, Luxembourg's Minister for Home Affairs, Léon Gloden, welcomed this "positive" vote in the European Parliament which, after several years of negotiations, "paves the way for final adoption by the Council."

According to Minister Gloden, the implementation of the various instruments of the new Asylum and Migration Pact will enable "more responsible" migration management. "The protection of the European Union's external borders will be strengthened, as will solidarity between Member States," he added.

Minister Gloden said the new regulations also provided "strong safeguards" for respect for fundamental rights, particularly for vulnerable people.

He noted that Member States would from now on have to launch "without delay" the implementation process, which requires legislative, operational and budgetary adaptations.