Beirut, Lebanon, in the aftermath of the explosions; Credit: Caritas

The Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action within Luxembourg's Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has announced that it is mobilising efforts to provide support to the Lebanese people following the explosions at the port of Beirut.

A member of staff at the Department will join the United Nations team of experts for assessment and coordination in the event of disasters and emergency (UNDAC). Such teams, which are deployed in the first phase of an emergency, assess in particular the needs in terms of international relief and coordinate support efforts on the spot. The volunteers will be deployed to Lebanon in the coming hours.

Also, the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) plans to release financial assistance for Lebanon on Friday (Luxembourg has contributed €5 million to this fund so far in 2020). It is also planned that Luxembourg will allocate an additional contribution to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to support the emergency aid provided to people affected by the tragedy, up to €100,000.

Luxembourg also offered its support in the context of the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

In addition, Caritas Luxembourg has issued a call for donations to support the victims of the explosions. To date, there are more than 100 dead and thousands injured, with half of the city being destroyed and more than 300,000 residents now homeless.

"There is total chaos there. The damage is colossal. Many buildings were completely destroyed, others still barely stand. Hospitals are of course overwhelmed and find it difficult to cope, they who were already terribly affected by the health crisis linked to COVID-19. And the virus will certainly take advantage of this situation to continue to spread,” explained Dr Michael Feit, head of the International Cooperation Service of Caritas Luxembourg. “Lebanon was also experiencing a terrible period of recession, after a difficult period of war. Over one million Syrian refugees are also in Lebanon, making the country's economic situation even more precarious. These events will only exacerbate an already very tense situation. We fear that food will run out soon. And shelters are already lacking,” he explained. 

Caritas Luxembourg, present in Lebanon for many years, immediately decided to react to help the victims. "Thanks to reliable and very responsive partners, food will be distributed to those who lost everything and the houses blown up by the explosion will be rehabilitated by providing windows and doors, in particular. This is what is most urgent right now," said Michael Feit.

If you wish to support the victims of the explosions in Beirut, you can make a donation, either by transfer to the CCPL IBAN LU34 1111 0000 2020 0000 account of Caritas Luxembourg with the “Beirut” in the communication, or directly online at .

The Luxembourg Red Cross has also appealed for donations - see