Local Elections Candidate Profile: Irene Wilkinson

Local/municipal elections will be held across Luxembourg this weekend on Sunday 8 October 2017 and to gain a little more insight and understanding of some candidates running, Chronicle.lu is conducting a mini-series of feature articles. Each feature will focus on one candidate and help the international community uncover the true essense of those behind the flyers.

Third in the mini-series is Irene Wilkinson, a candidate standing for the LSAP party in Strassen.

Q1: Why are you standing for election in the municipal / local elections?

60 percent of the habitants living in our commune of Strassen are foreigners and I believe it was a natural gesture from Mayor Gaston Greiveldinger of Strassen to look and find someone charismatic with a can do attitude to represent this 60% of the international community in our commune. So he called me and asked if I could help. And I said Yes!

Q2: Which party are you a candidate with and what does your party stand for?

I am a member of LSAP Socialist. Our party stands for Freedom, Solidarity and Justice

Q3: Why are you standing with this party?

Because my political views are grounded in Social democracy.

Q4: What are the main political issues facing your municipality?

Housing, Childcare and mobility. Rue d’aron is an interesting dinner conversation amongst the foreigners in our commune.

Q5: What local issues are you campaigning for?

Childcare, housing and mobility

Q6: Will you be aiming to represent the international community in your municipality?

This is the aim of my presence in this party.

Q7: How do you hope to make a difference?

Honest communication and transparency are important values to me.

Q8: Why should people vote for you?

Because I am the 13th Warrior, ready to do what it takes for all foreigners to feel at home here in Luxembourg.