Pirate Productions has announced that auditions for their upcoming production of "Melusina" will take place on Sunday 10 & Sunday 17 February (1400 - 1700) and on Sunday 24 February (1500 - 1800) at the Harmonie Municipale Schifflange (1 Quartier Wendel, L-3881 Schifflange)

The first set of auditions are open to anyone over 14 years of age, and the second set of auditions are open to those aged between 8 and 13 years. 

"Melusina the Pantomime" will be performed at the Kinneksbond in Mamer on 7 to 10 November 2019. This is a musical comedy in the traditional British pantomime style, suitable for all the family with jokes for both adults and children, plenty of song and dance and a fairy-tale storyline that ends happily for all concerned. This time the story will be the Luxembourg legend of Melusina, with an original script by Rachel Parker (with help) and using familiar pop songs to make a truly entertaining show.

The main characters are as follows

Siggy (Lead hero) A noble count, brave with high morals. (The tradition in panto is for the hero role to be played by a woman. This tradition is sometimes ignored these days, and this part might be given to a man or a woman). 20s-40s

Melusina (Lead female) Magic lady who occasionally turns into a mermaid. Kind, lover of nature. 20s-40s

Josephine (The Dame) Comedy role, woman played by a man. An impoverished but opinionated lady. 30s+

Jempy (Josephine’s male counterpart) might be son or husband (will change script to fit actor). Comedy part needs to build audience rapport. Actor anywhere from late teens to 60s.

Jean (Siggy’s friend and high-ranked servant) Clever and loyal. Teens – 30s.
Marie-Christine (Jo’s daughter, lady-in-waiting to Melusina) Kind, sensible and smart, especially compared to Jo and Jenpy. Teens - 30s.
Main Baddie (Unscrupulous thief) Might not be too bright but very ambitious. Male 20s – 50s
Girl Baddie (Sidekick to Main Baddie) Has an attitude but is surprisingly resourceful. Female teens – 20s.

Other Parts & Chorus Two people to be pantomime horse; 3 Witches; Villains from a gang of ‘nasties’; Jo’s female relatives; Water Sprites; Villagers; Featured dancers (a few dancers will be cast who do not need to sing if they prefer not). There are some places for children (over 8 and under 14) who will rehearse mainly at week-ends nearer the production.

Please note that the gender of some principal roles is fluid. For example, “Big Baddie” could be female or male. Don’t let that put you off! If you feel you can be a scary , bad-ass “baddie …. Audition!!

For more details https//, including registering for the auditions.

Venue: Harmonie Municipale Schifflange (1 Quartier Wendel, L-3881 Schifflange)

Organiser: Pirate Productions

Price: n/a

Reservations: see website