On Friday, the Indian Association Luxembourg (IAL) held its Annual General Meeting, chaired by Selvaraj Alagumalai (Selva), IAL President.

The event was described as a fruitful brain-storming session, with the hope to have many more such discussions in the future.

Selva thanked the Executive Committee members for their continuous support and dedication, and also welcomed the new joiners to further strengthen the committee.
Apart from its main cultural events, over the years the IAL has strived to serve its community and has evolved from a cultural organisation to support the administration of both governments, be it for Indian consular services or the Luxembourg Communal Elections.

During the brainstorming session there was a request for an additional Information Desk on several matters related to the community which the IAL will take necessary steps to facilitate within the IAL statutes as an ASBL.

Selva also encouraged people to join as members of the IALwhich will help effective communication, and mentioned a number of forthcoming events for the Indian community of Luxembourg, as follows:
- 1 July - International Yoga Day at Forum Geesseknäppchen
- 15 August – "Lagaan Cup", Social Cricket event at Walferdange Cricket Ground
- 15 September - India Day at Esch-sur-Alzette Centre
- 6 October – Navratri - Dandya/Raas at Mamer Schlass
- 3 November - Annual Diwali Festival at Centre Cultural, Sandweiler

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Organiser: Indian Association Luxembourg (IAL)

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