European Space Talks Announced for Luxembourg Science Center

The Luxembourg Science Center in Differdange (50 rue Emile Mark) will host a series of "European Space Talks" involving members of the space community on Saturdays 17 and 24 November, in English and in French.

The European Space Talks are discussion rounds organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) focusing on information, inspiration and interaction around space. The aim is to make known to European citizens the universe of space activities, the investments that are linked to them and the benefits that can result from them. Professionals and great European amateurs of space have been selected to inform the public about the topics of space and their profession and to present a wide variety of topics related to space.

In the Grand Duchy, the European Space Talks sessions will promote and raise awareness among the general public on the space sector. Luxembourg's space actors will exchange, around different themes, with interested citizens on the space, its stakes, its activities, its opportunities and its many applications that influence the daily life of everyone. Participation in European Space Talks is free.

Saturday 17 November
1400 Lunar Exploration Abigail Calzada Diaz, ispace From the Apollo astronauts to the Moon Village. An overview of the history and the future of the lunar exploration. (in English)

1500 Meteorology from Space. Daniel Risquez, Moltek/EUMETSAT How satellites are improving weather forecast. EUMETSAT The European example. (in English)

1600 De la vie dans l’Univers? José Luis Flores, LuxSpace Questions sur les chances que la vie se soit développée hors Terre. (in French)

Saturday 24 November

1400 AIS – watching the 7 Seas. Simone Moser, LuxSpace Our Oceans are huge, and we hardly know what is happening out there. AIS is the global anti-collision system for ships. It can be used to track ships from space and to make activities visible, that take place at sea. (in English)

1500 SpaceSails "Made in Luxembourg". Florio Dalla Vedova, LuxSpace L’Espace aussi a ses voiles – elles permettent plusieurs applications spatiales y compris les voyages interstellaires. Le Luxembourg a déjà une longue histoire dans le développement de ces voiles et ce n’est que le début. (in French)

1600 Microbes and space? Bo Byloos, Blue Horizon Microbes are everywhere and can be very useful. We therefore may want to use them within space exploration and are developing the technology to do so. (in English)

Venue: Luxembourg Science Center in Differdange (50 rue Emile Mark)

Organiser: Luxembourg Science Center

Price: n/a

Reservations: n/a