The Association of British and Irish Accountants in Luxembourg (ABIAL) is organising a discussion on "Taxation in 2018 and beyond - challenges and opportunities" on Wednesday 30 May 2018 from 1730 to 1900 at Cercle Munster (5-7 Rue Munster in Luxembourg-Grund).

The main speaker of the event is Nicholas Parker, President of ICAEW, and Tax Partner at KPMG (UK).

ICAEW has this year advocated and fostered a debate on tax policy for the future, asking questions that may be too "brave" and long-term for politicians to want to address. Although some themes are most relevant only in the UK, others - such as whether tax policy can moderate house price increases and stimulate supply on the market - resonate strongly in Luxembourg. Subjects such as the effects of digitalisation, not just on a country's tax revenues, but also on making tax compliance less time-consuming, and on deterring tax evasion are also to the fore. And lastly, how can ABIAL, as accountants, help to shape, broaden and improve the quality of the public debate on tax?

The talk will take the form of a debate, moderated by ABIAL Committee member and PwC Luxembourg's Tax Technical Expert, David Roach. The discussion will last beyond an hour, and then follow with an opportunity for the audience to raise more points.

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Venue: Cercle Munster (5-7 Rue Munster in Luxembourg-Grund)

Organiser: The Association of British and Irish Accountants in Luxembourg (ABIAL)

Price: Cost: €15 for Members; €20 for Guests (non-members of ABIAL) and FREE for the first 5 students of UK or Irish Institutes, on a first-come, first-served basis.