Luxembourgish cider producer Ramborn is organising a World Cider Day celebration at its farm in Born on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June 2023.

This free event at Ramborn Cider Haff aims to showcase the world of cider and highlight the fruit of traditional orchards of Luxembourg.

World Cider Day, an international initiative launched by the Association of Apple Wine and Fruit Juice Press Houses, symbolises the beginning of the apple cider season and pays homage to the diversity and heritage of cider culture. This year marks the tenth anniversary of this special day.

According to Ramborn, its mission and promise align perfectly with the spirit of World Cider Day, as the cidery is dedicated to reviving Luxembourg's cider heritage, offering ciders only made of freshly pressed juice from traditional apples and pears and promoting its orchards as vital natural and cultural resources.

The Ramborn team has curated a weekend full of activities and games for the whole family, organised in collaboration with organisations that share the cider producer's values of community and innovation. Highlights on Saturday include a live DJ performance by DJ V1nce (Dancing Bears Events), from early afternoon until 20:00, and the opportunity to witness or compete in Luxembourg's first Cider Pong tournament (organised with the support of the Beer Pong Luxembourg club), starting at 14:00. On Sunday, children can enjoy a bouncy castle and a nature-themed colouring station, while parents, family and friends can relax on the picturesque farm, to the sound of music.

On both days at 15:00, Carlo Hein, Founder and President of the Board of Ramborn, will deliver a "Cider Masterclass" to provide some interesting facts about cider culture globally and in Luxembourg, Ramborn cider(s) in particular, cider and food more generally and cider in mixology/cocktails. Places are limited.

Attendees are also invited to embark on self-guided tours of the Ramborn Cider Haff and the neighbouring orchards, savour commented cider tastings and take advantage of various deals/discounts on the Ramborn ranges at the shop. 

The Celtic FISH and CHIPS food truck will be open from noon on both days.

For more information about the World Cider Day celebration at Ramborn Cider Haff, visit or send an email to

Venue: Ramborn Cider Haff (23 Duerfstrooss, L-6660 Born)

Organiser: Ramborn

Price: n/a

Reservations: See website

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