The Institute for Financial Integrity and Sustainability (IFIS) is organising a hybrid conference and lunch with Nadia Manzari, Partner at Schiltz & Schiltz, on Tuesday 22 February 2022 from 12:30 to 14:00

Nadia Manzari will discuss the following topic: "Synopsis of the Wirecard case - Is technology really the bad guy? At the crossroads of technological risk and human behaviour".

Participants have the choice of attending this event either remotely (Zoom link provided upon registration) or in person at Cercle Munster in Luxembourg-Grund.

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About the speaker

Nadia Manzari is an attorney and partner at Schiltz & Schiltz. Her areas of practice include financial services and fintech, as well as regulatory and compliance, including white collar crime and fraud. 

Before joining Schiltz & Schiltz in 2018, Ms Manzari was the Head of the Innovation, Payments, Markets Infrastructures and Governance Department at the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), where she started her career in 2001.

She is a regular speaker at national and international conferences covering payment services, financial technologies, remuneration policies and corporate governance.

She is also a lecturer for fintech and digital finance law and regulation in the Master in Finance and Economics (MScFE) and for tech law in the Master in Space, Communication and Media Law at the University of Luxembourg.

Venue: Online / Cercle Munster, Luxembourg-Grund

Organiser: IFIS

Price: n/a

Reservations: See above