The New World Theatre Club (NWTC) is organising a play reading of "The Ladykillers" on Tuesday 7 December 2021.

The play reading will be done via Zoom. 

For more information and to reserve a spot, email:   

The Ladykillers is a classic black comedy. Mrs Wilberforce, a sweet little old lady, rents out a room in her lopsided house to Marcus, a music professor. She is blissfully unaware that he is actually a maniacal criminal who is putting together against a gang of misfits who will stop at nothing to commit the heist of their careers. Unable to think of a suitable final stage to their plan, Marcus decides to involve Mrs Wilberforce, unwittingly, as the perfect getaway ruse. However, at the final stage, Mrs Wilberforce becomes wise to their deception and the gang realise that there is only one way to keep the old lady quiet. As the gang is killed off one-by-one in their attempts to murder the old lady, Marcus faces Mrs Wilberforce alone and seals his own grizzly fate.

Venue: Online (Zoom)

Organiser: NWTC

Price: n/a

Reservations: See above