For installing Bullguard security software on the second system, first of all get the software downloaded on the 2nd system from the official Bullguard website also get the installer downloaded from the system from the same website after that the first window that you will see will be the welcome screen, before starting with the installation you need to agree to the end user license agreement a new window will then appear on your system showing you the installation progress bar then wait for the installation process to complete, as the process will complete you will then get to see the registration screen do not register yourself there as you are already registered as a Bullguard user go to the log in section then enter the user name and password of the account that you created while installing Bullguard on your first system then on the screen that appears click on “log in to Bullguard” as you will log in you will then get to see the features of your antivirus program then click “done.” If you still need more help then connect at Bullguard support &

Price: € 30




Date Posted: 24 Feb, 2019