Luxair and lux-Airport have confirmed that a flight from Malaga to Luxembourg had to be diverted to Liège Airport on Thursday 21 September 2023.

The Luxair flight LG662 was delayed by over an hour and was scheduled to land in Luxembourg after midnight. However, scheduled works on the runway meant the pilot had to redirect the flight to Liège.

Luxair and lux-Airport clarified that the operating hours of Luxembourg Airport are daily from 06:00 to 23:00. They noted that scheduled and announced works on the runway were set to take place on Thursday. Due to the mainly weather-related delays of some flights, the works started later that day in order to allow three Luxair aircraft (LG 8904, LG 3838, LG 886) to land after 23:00.

However, as flight LG662 was scheduled to land after midnight, its diversion was "inevitable", the parties said in a press release. They reiterated that the delay of "well over an hour" ultimately led to the diversion to Liège Airport, as agreed by both companies.