Credit: Luxair

Luxembourg flag carrier Luxair has announced that it is taking measures to support customers who have been impacted by the wildfires in Rhodes, Greece.

Luxair reported that it is "closely and constantly" monitoring the evolution of the wildfires in the south east of Rhodes and it has committed itself to the safety and support of its customers.

Since Saturday 22 July 2023, a dedicated crisis unit of the company has been following and monitoring the situation, to provide Luxair and LuxairTours customers with the necessary assistance and support.

Luxair noted that twelve hotels in the southeastern part of the island (Lindos, Lardos, Kiotari, Gennadi) have been impacted by the wildfires, prompting the company to take "immediate action". According to Luxair, its on-location guides and teams in Luxembourg are actively collaborating and maintaining direct communication with affected travellers to devise "effective solutions" and provide "unwavering support" to its customers.

All passengers (approximately 80) who were impacted by the wildfires safely flew back to Luxembourg on the company's regular scheduled flights on Sunday 23 and Monday 24 July 2023. For those customers wishing to remain in Rhodes, Luxair offered them alternative hotels.

Luxair added that it had contacted all future passengers scheduled to depart for the impacted hotels. Alternative options offered included relocating them to other hotels on the northern part of the island or offering a change of holiday destination.

For travellers with departures on Thursday 27 July 2023, Luxair confirmed that it is offering free cancellation for flights as well as package holidays. For the latter, LuxairTours will also facilitate changes by allowing customers to either select a different hotel on the island or modify their destination by offering an additional €100 discount per adult.

For customers travelling with a holiday package, departing between 30 July and 5 August 2023 and staying in hotels impacted by the situation, the following measures will be taken, according to Luxair:

- Luxair representatives will reach out in order to discuss the options available;

- alternatives will be offered and a possibility to modify the stay in another hotel on the island or to another destination altogether, along with a €100 discount per adult;

- if it is not possible to find a suitable alternative, Luxair will provide customers with a voucher for a future trip.

Travellers who have booked a holiday package in a hotel not impacted by the wildfires in Rhodes but who now no longer want to visit the island this year have the option of modifying any departure for Rhodes until 29 July 2023 included. From 30 July 2023, standard modification rules apply. If it is not possible to find a suitable alternative, Luxair will provide customers with a voucher for a future trip.

For those with departures at a later date, Luxair's standard departure cancellation policy applies.

Luxair assured that it continued to closely watch the wildfire situation in Rhodes and Corfu and remained "fully prepared to take immediate action" if needed.