Credit: Statec

In its recent "Regards" publication, the national statistical agency Statec revealed that more than two-thirds of Luxembourg residents go on holiday at least once per year.

Overall, 88% of holiday-goers preferred destinations within Europe with France (17%), Italy (12%), Portugal (11%) and Spain (11%) topping the list, followed by Germany (6%) and Austria (5%). Whilst 51% travelled by plane, 42% took the car and only 6% took the bus or train. Hotels remained the most popular type of accommodation (44%), followed by staying with friends and family (22%). Trips lasted on average eleven days with residents spending approximately €137 per night and €1,119 per stay.

Residents aged 20-39

According to the study, 41% of residents aged 20 to 39 who live alone chose Spain, Italy or France as their holiday destination, with 21% travelling outside of Europe and 13% choosing less popular European destinations. 65% travelled by plane. 60% of residents in this socio-demographic category chose city destinations and 32% travelled to meet friends or family. As with many holiday-goers, rest and relaxation was often the main reason for the trip (30%). They tend to spend less money on their trips than older residents or those living in a couple: around €100 per night and €820 for the whole stay. Trips lasted an average of ten days (rarely more than ten days in a row: only 22%), with 31% staying with relatives during their stay.

The study found that residents aged 20 to 39 who live with at least one child under the age of 15 were more likely to opt for seaside destinations, particularly in France (19%), Spain (11%) or Italy (9%). Another popular destination was Portugal (20%). 42% of this age group went on holiday to rest (42%), visit family or friends (26%) and spend time together (17%). They travelled mainly by plane (51%) or by car (45%). Hotels remained their preferred type of accommodation (38%), with fewer opting to stay with family or friends (28%). Their average budget was €870 per adult and €100 per night, with trips lasting eleven days on average.

For their part, residents aged 20 to 39 living with other people over the age of 15 (eg couples with no children) were more attracted to distant destinations, especially in Asia. As a result, they often travelled by plane (61%). 57% opted for city trips, whilst 45% preferred to spend time by the sea. Their stays lasted ten days on average with an average budget of €110 per day and €950 per person per stay. Their main reasons for travel were to rest (34%), visit family and friends (27%) and to enrich themselves culturally (13%).

Residents aged 40-59

Residents aged 40 to 59 who live alone often spend more on their trips than others in this group: just over €130 per day and €1,150 on average per trip. 53% opted for closer destinations, namely France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. 55% travelled by plane, whilst 39% travelled by car and 34% stayed with friends or family during their trip. 

The top destination choices for residents aged 40 to 59 living with at least one child under the age of 15 were France (20%) and Italy (14%), followed by other European destinations like Austria (8%), and the most popular means of transport was the car (53%). Holiday-goers in this group often stayed in hotels (40%) and visited family and friends less frequently than in the past (21%). 46% opted for a seaside street with 33% choosing city trips. The average amount of their expenses was €1,050 per adult and €120 per night.

For residents aged 40 to 59 living with other people over the age of 15 also tend to opt for France (18%), Portugal (12%), Spain (11%) or Italy (10%) trips. They preferred to stay in hotels (46%) and were much less likely to stay with their friends or family (19%) than younger residents. In addition, 16% have a second home in which they spend part of their holidays. Resting (41%), visiting family members or friends (23%) and cultural visits (13%) were the main reasons for travel. 45% of residents in this group opted for seaside trips, with 43% choosing cities and 27% the countryside. Their trips lasted eleven days on average and cost around €1,280 per person or around €150 per night.

Residents aged 60-69

Retired Luxembourg residents aged between 60 and 69 travelled less than in the past: 26% no longer travelled every year. 32% cited health reasons as their reason for not travelling, whilst 37% attributed this to a lack of motivation. On the other hand, trips among residents in this group tend to last longer: thirteen days on average. 49% travelled by car, whilst 44% travelled by plane. Preferred destinations were France (20%), Spain (14%) and Italy (11%). They mainly stayed in hotels (51%) or in their second homes (21%) and took advantage of their trip to rest (43%), visit family or friends (20%) or make cultural visits (14%). Their total budget was an average of €1,290 per stay and per person. 

Residents aged 70+ 

One in two (53%) resident holiday-goers over the age of 70 made a trip during the year. The most common reason given for not travelling was health (55%), followed by a lack of motivation (31%). 46% travelled to relay, with 19% travelling for culture and 17% to visit family and friends. The preferred destinations were close to Luxembourg, for instance France (17%), Germany (14%) and Belgium (7%). Spain also remained popular (14%), as did Italy (11%). 42% opted for trips at the seaside, 34% went to the city and 27% preferred the countryside. Most people in this group stayed in hotels during their trip. An equal 44% flew or drove to their destinations. They also used the train and bus more often than in the past (11%) and often booked package tours with transport and accommodation included (28%). Their budget per night was approximately €140 per night with a total average budget of €1,410 per person per trip (higher than other groups since they stay on average two more days). 

Statec will be present at the Vakanz travel fair this weekend at Luxexpo The Box to inform visitors of tourist practices and present the results of the study it has been carrying out on this subject for 20 years.