Credit: © Ville de Diekirch

The north-eastern town of Diekirch is set to kick off its National Day celebrations this year with a military parade.

The parade will take place in Place Guillaume (op der Kluuster) in Diekirch on Thursday 20 June 2024, from 10:00 to 12:00.

On the agenda are speeches by Luxembourg Government and Army representatives, as well as the presentation of military decorations and music provided by the Luxembourg Military Band.

The festivities will continue on National Day Eve (Saturday 22 June 2024) with a local festival ("Volliksfest"), also taking place in Place Guillaume, from 19:00. The grand finale on Saturday is a music and drone show, starting at 23:15 (in the same square).

A civil ceremony is planned for National Day itself (Sunday 23 June 2024). On the agenda: a Te Deum at the Église Paroissiale Saint Laurent (Parkierch) at 10:00, a procession in Place Joseph Bech (Bottermaart) at 11:00 and speeches and drinks in Place Guillaume at 11:30.