L-R: Patrick Goldschmit, VdL alderman; Lydie Polfer, Mayor of the City of Luxembourg; Serge Wilmes, VdL chief alderman; Credit: VdL Photothèque / Charles Soubry

After a two-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Luxembourg's beloved Schueberfouer funfair is set to return to Glacis in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg from 19 August to 7 September 2022.
The Schueberfouer was cancelled in 2020 and replaced by a reduced "Fun um Glacis" event in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded in 1340 by John the Blind, this traditional annual funfair had previously only ever been cancelled during the two world wars.
Lydie Polfer, Mayor of the City of Luxembourg (Ville de Luxembourg - VdL), will officially open this year's Schueberfouer on Friday 19 August 2022 at 17:00, after which visitors will be able to enjoy various attractions, entertainment, rides and carousels, as well as restaurants, street vendor and confectionery stands, every day from 12:00 (food establishments may open from 11:00) to 01:00 over a 20-day period.
In 2017, the layout of the Schueberfouer was completely overhauled, both on the surface with a view to setting up the tramway and underground in terms of technical infrastructure. The City of Luxembourg has decided to maintain this format due to its proven success in recent years. Spread over 4.44 hectares, the surface occupied by the Schueberfouer remains identical to that of the 2019 edition. In addition, the site has eight entrance gates for visitors ("E1" to "E8").
This year, a total of 223 attractions and stands will be present at the funfair. Luxembourgish establishments make up 30% of those present, whilst French establishments make up 35.9%, German establishments represent 21.1% and Belgian establishments make up 11.2%. Moreover, 1.4% of establishments are Dutch and 0.4% are Australian.
New attractions this year include Daemonium, the world's largest travelling ghost train, Parkour, Ghost Rider, Gravity, Hacker and Aquavelis. Children can enjoy rides on the Little Jewel and the Bootsfahrt. New game stands include Tir Chez Max and Pot au Lait. In terms of gastronomy, the following food establishments are new this year: Gourmet Hütt'n, La Boîte à Fromage, Little Ice Cream Kiss and Churros.
In addition, various attractions are set to return to the Schueberfouer after several years of absence, namely Wild Mouse, Hexentanz, Top Spin Fresh, Hangover – The Tower and Aquaboats.
Lämmy, the official Schueberfouer mascot, will be present on the fairgrounds and will distribute tickets to participate in a big competition organised by the "Festivités de la Schueberfouer" working group of the Fédération Nationale des Commerçants Forains asbl (FNCF; national federation of fair traders). Participants will have the chance to win various prizes including trips to amusement parks. The draw for the winners will take place on Monday 5 September 2022 at 18:00 at the E1 entrance gate. In addition to the photos that can be taken with Lämmy, visitors can purchase different forms of the mascot in the mobile souvenir shop on the fairgrounds. Proceeds from sales will go to charity.
The poster of the 2022 edition of the Schueberfouer is based on a visual developed by Lynn Schiltz, winner of the first prize of the City of Luxembourg's Schueberfouer poster competition (launched in January 2020).
After 20 days of fun, the Schueberfouer will come to a close on Wednesday 7 September 2022 at 22:00 with a fireworks display organised by the City of Luxembourg over the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge in Luxembourg-Ville.
Further information is available on the website: fouer.vdl.lu