L-R: Serge Wilmes, VdL 1st Alderman; Lydie Polfer, Mayor of Luxembourg City; Lex Delles, Minister for Tourism; Grand Duke Henri; Sam Tanson, Minister of Culture; Marc Angel, LCTO President; Patrick Goldschmidt, VdL Alderman; Credit: Blitz / Luxembourg City Tourist Office

The Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO) and the City of Luxembourg (Ville de Luxembourg - LCTO) have announced the reopening of the Petrusse Casemates.

After compliance and enhancement work, the Petrusse Casemates will reopen their doors (under a new concept) to the general public on Sunday 5 June 2022.

Through an innovative audiovisual scenography, tailor-made in collaboration with "Tido Brussig Szenerien", the casemates will shine in a new light: light and sound effects have been installed to guarantee a unique experience for visitors.

Tom Bellion, Director of LCTO, expressed his delight at the reopening of the casemates: "We were all really looking forward to this moment and we are very happy that the Petrusse Casemates are once again accessible to the public. As a major tourist attraction in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, their reopening represents added value not only for the capital, but for the whole country". He continued: "As part of an accompanied exploration and under the slogan 'Rocks coming to Life', visitors will venture into the underground galleries of the capital and they will be fully immersed in the history of the casemates".


Being part of the huge underground military defence system of the ancient fortress town whose origins date back to the year 1644, many people associate the Petrusse Casemates with military purposes. In reality, however, the casemates have never been used for warlike activities.

A place for growing mushrooms, a champagne cellar, the headquarters of a shooting society, a place for charity bazaars, an air-raid shelter and a tourist attraction since 1933: these are just a few of the many unusual uses of the Petrusse Casemates over centuries and decades.

For the development project, the scenographer Tido Brussig was inspired by their turbulent and multifaceted history whilst designing a tailor-made scenography: "The objective of the scenographic layout of the Petrusse Casemates is, in addition to the communication of basic information, the transmission of the atmosphere of the real uses - which, contrary to expectations, were and are non-military in nature".

As such, visitors can expect projections on the walls of the galleries and sound reproductions, as the rocks come to life.

Useful information

Tickets are now on sale for entry to the Petrusse Casemates online at luxembourg-city.com and at the LCTO tourist information office in Place Guillaume II in Luxembourg-Ville. Visitors can join an accompanied exploration by choosing the most convenient date, time and language.

The adult price is €15, the student and senior price is €12 and the price for children (from four to twelve years) is €7.50 (all including tax). Admission is free for children under four years old.

The duration of the exploration of the casemates is 45 minutes maximum. Visitors are advised to wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

Further information is available on the aforementioned website.