Credit: neimënster

Fondation EME and neimënster have unveiled "Soundcolors", a musical journey made up of five interactive stations, through which children are encouraged to express themselves and develop creativity and social interactions.

Using new technologies, Fondation EME, a Luxembourgish association which fights for the inclusion of people in distress, including people with specific needs, in cultural life, joined forces with the creative minds of the Mad Trix company to develop five interactive musical stations. The result is the Soundcolors project, a particularly intuitive musical installation. Intended more specifically for children with specific needs, including those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), these stations allow participants to transform into a composer without any prior musical knowledge.

In addition to working with sounds, the stations encourage users' creativity through shapes and colours:

- Beat puzzle: three simultaneous players can reconstruct the puzzle by placing tiles on the main plane to create figures and make sounds; 

- Carpet of distance: inspired by dance mats, the module encourages trampling on the patterns on the floor to create melodic associations;

- Sound mirror: thanks to a camera, a screen composed of LEDs reflects the sound and light reflection of the user's movements in front of him / her;

- La curbelle: the cranks can be operated alone or individually and produce different sounds depending on the speed of rotation;

- Swing ding dong: balls swing in the air and produce sounds and melodies according to the order in which they are handled.

The body and interactions are at the heart of the Soundcolors project. The five stations respond to the slightest movements and allow the creation of simple melodies.

This week will be devoted to testing the facilities, which will be open to the public on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 February 2021, from 10:00 to 18:00 (Salle Edmond Dune, neimënster). Feedback from users will allow the stations to be adapted before their return to neimënster from 5 to 23 Many 2021.

Admission is free, although limited seating is available. Reservation is thus required via email: or tel.: 262-0521.