On Wednesday 15 May 2024, LIST, an ION company, announced that it has completed the certification process to connect its FastTrade electronic trading system to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE).

As reported by LuxSE, LIST's FastTrade modular solution - designed as a low-latency, multi-asset electronic trading system - is "fully customisable" and offers advanced trading functionalities. Its normalised connectivity architecture allows for the "seamless" integration of LuxSE, which uses Euronext's Optiq technology.

By activating a new certified adapter in FastTrade, LIST will enable its clients to access all products listed on LuxSE across all asset classes. All existing functionalities are automatically made available to clients willing to access LuxSE. As a result, added LuxSE, all clients deploying FastTrade will "immediately benefit from an expanded connectivity base, with the opportunity to efficiently grow their trading capability."

"Following the successful migration of our clients to the Optiq trading platform earlier this year, we are delighted to share FastTrade's newly certified connectivity to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange," said Enrico Melchioni, Product Owner for FastTrade, LIST. "This latest initiative reflects our commitment to swift adaptation in line with the market's evolution and our clients' needs and consolidates our position as a key provider of cross-asset, multi-market trading technology and connectivity."

"We are delighted to join forces with LIST and have its FastTrade system connected to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. This marks an important step in bringing increased visibility to the wide range of securities available for trading at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and facilitate the onboarding of new trading members. We look forward to reinforcing our work and collaboration with LIST in the future," commented Guy Weymeschkirch, Head of Markets & Surveillance at LuxSE.