Credit: Top Squash Fitness & Leisure Centre

In the latest in a series of articles about sports clubs in Luxembourg, had the opportunity to speak with Nathan Sneyd, Director of Top Squash Fitness & Leisure Centre, home to several local squash clubs.

The focus of this series is on sports which are less often covered in the news, yet have strong links with the international community in the Grand Duchy. Some are already well-established; others are relatively new. Why and when was your sports club established?

Nathan Sneyd: Top Squash Fitness & Leisure was established in 1989. There are four Asbl squash clubs that use the Top Squash facilities. These clubs participate in the Federation de Luxembourg (FSL) Championships and FSL tournaments. What are some of the links your club has with the international community in Luxembourg?

Nathan Sneyd: Top Squash is a credible sports facility in Sandweiler and within 34 years, many associations and friends have celebrated socially within the venue. Top Squash and Little Lions jointly organise sports camps for children during the school holidays. What activities does your club offer and who is your main target audience or age group? Do you offer different levels for beginners and experienced athletes?

Nathan Sneyd: We have a large domestic outreach. No one is too young or too old to play squash. There are programmes, leagues and tournaments for all. This includes age group tournaments for the younger juniors and older masters players. For those new to the sport, Top Squash offers a weekly "get into squash” class. Many players evolve from this class and move into other training groups with their peers, such as internal leagues and some join our Open trainings where players of all levels train together. These trainings and events encourage sportsmanship and friendships and provide a perfect platform for players to develop. It's not all about training though, squash is a sport, and it should be played. This is the reason why Top Squash organises leagues and tournaments. What are your club's main goals and objectives, both in terms of sports and community involvement?

Nathan Sneyd: To achieve as much participation and recognition as possible. Top Squash has squash courts, and they are there to be played on. Of course, we have some players who choose to develop and maintain high performance; they are striving for success in the national, European and international competitions and we can help those players achieve that. Our coaching team is "top-notch" - they are past players who have performed at a decent level. The facility at their service allows the players to enhance the skills and physical performance of athletes […] We encourage a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle among members and the wider community. Within the junior squash programme, coaches instil values of fair play, sportsmanship and teamwork as well as promoting ethical conduct both on and off the court. Top Squash is an international environment that welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds. It collaborates with schools and Maisons Relais [child minding services] to integrate squash into its activities. How has this sport grown in Luxembourg over the years?

Nathan Sneyd: The sport has naturally grown with the population of Luxembourg increasing vastly since its opening in 1989. What events, tournaments or competitions is your club participating in or hosting in the new year?

Nathan Sneyd: In January, we host annual tournaments Clubs Open, Jack Frost Junior tournament. In March, there is the Top Squash Open which attracts players from beyond our borders as well as professional players. One just has to look at the honours board to feel proud. Four times, world number ones have won the Top Squash Open.
In May, Top Squash organises Luxembourg Masters GP on the European circuit for the Federation de Squash Luxembourg. 120 players from all over Europe participate to become champions in their respective age groups. There is a Squash Club Sandweiler tournament held in June and season-opening events for adults and juniors from September to December. How can someone interested in joining your club become a member? Are there any membership fees or other requirements?

Nathan Sneyd: Top Squash is a members' club. Non-members can join by subscribing for a daily members’ fee. There is a wide range of memberships available, and they can be subscribed to through the Top Squash website.